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Getting One Way Links With Articles

Articles are an excellent way to get one-way links to your website and can also bring you lots of visitors if you know how to optimize them for the search engines. What you do is to write an article and then submit it to article directories and have your link in the 'signature section'. When the article directories publishes your article you immediately get a one-way link to your website. Here's where it gets interesting: Other websites are allowed to post your article on their website as long as they include the "sig-field".

Many webmasters are looking for content and each time someone uses your piece, you get another one-way link to your site. Writing 10 articles could easily get you a hundreds of links. Tips for Success: - Make sure your article is at least 400 words - Instead of writing a 1000 word article, it's better to make 2 - 500 word articles - Keep your paragraphs short as people don't like to read long paragraphs. - Use your target keyword in the: Title, beginning, middle and end. Don't just stuff the keyword in, find ways to include it naturally. A 3-7% keyword density is ideal.

- Have a catchy title that grabs people's attention - Don't write for your English teacher, write the way you would talk to a friend - Double check the article for spelling and grammar mistakes, you may want to ask a friend to proof-read it for you. TIP: I recommend that you publish each article on your website first and wait until your site has been re-indexed before posting to the article directories. This way you get credit for the article and content for your website. To see if your webpage with the article has been indexed, go to that page and choose the blue 'page info menu' icon in your Google Toolbar. Choose 'cached snapshot of the page' to see if the page has been indexed. This step isn't mandatory but is a really good idea because you should be adding new content to your site anyway and this guarantees you get the credit.

I will give you some ideas for catchy titles: 7 Things You Must Know About X X Reasons to Y Top 10 Ways to X Why X is better than Y How to X your Y Checklist for X The signature field is very important for your ranking success. You want to make sure that you have a text link with your target keyword and also include your url. It's a good practice to try to fit in one or more of your secondary keywords as well. The more you practice writing articles, the easier it gets. This is a great way to increase your link popularity and to get the visitors you want.

From only a few hours of writing you can get hundreds of visitors!.

Jason Storm is an seo consultant at Seo Publicity. To learn more about submitting your articles the easy way, visit their page about article submissions.

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