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How to Support Members in Your Personal Network

Rule No.1: The most important part of every business is PEOPLE; and the second most important part of every business is PEOPLE. Not the product or service being offered . but People. As you grow and develop your Network Marketing business, the people actually become even more important than ever! Yes, they now need nurturing and supporting; encouraging and inspiring; teaching and leading; guidance and challenging; and they need to know that their team leaders (you) have their interests at heart. They may develop fears; they may hessitate until they are convinced that what they're doing is full of integrity; they may simply be slow starters requiring that encouragement and support mentioned above; they may be keen but nervous or shy; they may be full of bravado and talk but show no action; .

you will be challenged by this whole concept of being a support 'rock' for your team. But, even though it may be a challenge, you can do it! Like every good leadership role: teach and show people how to do it right by being a great example! In other words: be the change you wish to see in the world; and the same in your business. If you can show your team or network that what you're doing is actually easy, then they will learn that it is easy and replicate what you are doing.

They will mirror you and your actions! Remember that they will also mirror your lack of actions, if that were the case. Stay in regular contact with the closest members of your team or network, and if you teach them to do the same, then your regular contact will be able to be regulated and minimised to a handful of key players; then they will contact their key players; and so on. Remember the rule of Duplication is happening here: your team members will mock or copy your every move, unless you're extremely lucky to score a freak MLM Lion who runs their own race regardless of anybody else.

Every now and then that happens, so if it does, embrace it and consider yourself very lucky. Remember that the MLM Lion may well become your best teacher if you're willing to learn. Supporting the members in your team actually means taking responsibility, teaching by example, being there for them, and showing endless courage and determination towards your own success, and theirs too! You may choose to hold regular team meetings, depending on geographical locations of course. You may also make use of skype http://www. or other technological tools now available to reach the world at either no cost or minimal cost. These methods are extremelyh cost-effective and efficient in their method of use. One suggestion that we have is to form a 'local' social networking group of other like-minded MLMer's, where you can actually mastermind your individual needs or questions requiring local knowledge and experience. Masterminding is actually bringing topics to the table where trust and integrity are used openly within the group to answer that specific topic or question.

This trust and integrity level of any group takes some time to establish, so be patient and nurture the needs of the group members as you grow. Trust creates more trust; and integrity will promote more of itself; in time. Regular contact with your people (the most important part of your business) and teaching them to be in regular contact with their people, will grow and develop a team with sustainable goals and desires, and a team who will be a lesson unto themselves! The support and nurturing of any group of people requires these important traits: Persistence; Courage; Patience; and total Determination to succeed in what you're doing. At times you will need to challenge some of your team; this is part of your role so do it with respect. Be the change you want to see in the world, and in your network, and you will see that change happening around you with wonderful regularity.

Happy Networking!.

Phil Evans is a business networking specialist, focussing on helping business owners and entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their companies through the use of referral networking. Phil is the co-founder of Synergy Biz Net, a company designed to help reach local, national and global clients for any business. Learn more at:

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