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Ink Pink Do Your Links Stink Link Building Strategies That Work

When you own and operate an online business, your number one concern is most likely how to get more visitors to your money making website so that they can see the products and services you offer, and hopefully make a purchase. When you think of visitors you might think of customers walking into a store, and in order for them to find your store, you have to have some advertisements running so people know you exist, what you offer, where you are, and how to get to you. Internet businesses are really no different, except that the way you reach an online market may be a little different from the offline markets. You can post ads around the net, and you can put up squeeze pages to get web surfers to sign up for your newsletter. But what you really need to think about and focus a lot of your energy on when building an online business is building links so that customers can find you.

Not just any links, but good quality links. You've probably already heard many times over that the best way to get good quality links fast is by writing and distributing quality articles, and blogging as much as possible. Just note that when you write articles and blog posts, it's not just about coming up with enough words ? you need to use keywords that are being searched by your potential visitors in the search engines. This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. You need to get your articles and blog posts optimized for the search engines. This means researching keywords with a good keyword research tool, using the ones that will bring you traffic, and placing them wisely within your article and blog posts.

What I mean by that is that your chosen keywords and keyword phrases should be in the title of your article or blog post. When you do this, you will get noticed much faster by the search engine spiders and your post will show up when you do a Google search. Scatter those same keywords throughout your post, being careful not to overdo it. One keyword per paragraph is plenty. Another technique of linking using your articles and blog posts is by using hypertext links within your actual articles and posts. Hypertext links get more attention from the search engines than just regular text, as well as using bold letters or italics.

Also, when you use links within your text, and use the keywords you have carefully chosen, then deep link back to another page in your site, rather than always just your main page or main blog page, then you will find yourself with more traffic. This is because you are pointing to more pages within your site as a whole, and leading your customers to other related, and helpful links that are on the same subject they are reading about and interested in. Another way to gather links pointing back to your site is by surfing the web for sites related to your content. You can also buy software that helps you do this search, or just search Google for the high PR sites you want to link to that have good content like you also have. Reciprocal linking can be done with these sites, providing a link to each other's site.

While reciprocal links can be effective, they can also be detrimental to your site's ranking. It's not so important these days to worry about linking for page rank though. Concentrate more on getting quality links from quality sites that have quality content.

As you can see, the focus here is really on quality. If you offer quality, you will get quality people linking to you naturally. There are other good ways to link that you can explore, but if you know these top methods of linking and how to go about it properly, then your links will get out there, get seen, and get clicked on. Remember that linking is all about content and keywords and if you know this, and apply what you know consistently, then you will do great with your linking strategy.

Don't think you can do just a little bit and then stop. It is an ongoing process that requires your love and attention.

Liane Bate owns a Plug-in Profit Site web business and is author of 110+ articles related to online business and internet marketing. Don't use stinky links! Link To and Become an Authority Site!

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