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Is home based business a way to go in future

Yes. Home based business is a successful way of earning money from the comfort of your home.Observe the trend of the companies and organizations around you.

The small and big companies are becoming "Performance Oriented" and heavily competitive against each other. Globalization is taking place all round the world with China and India entering heavily into the globalized arena of marketing. To compete in the market the companies have to come up with smarter and innovative solutions which are sustainable and effective as well.

Consequently the employees are squeezed to meet strict deadlines to achieve the Key Performance targets. Otherwise the company will lose its place in the market. The companies are all the time undergoing staff cuts and various strategies of redundancies to keep less number of "smarter" people. If you want to stay in the company you sit long hours to finish the tasks you are assigned with. I am working for an engineering company and I have seen heaps of strategies the company undertakes to cut staff.

Though the teams have become smaller in size the amount of work for each team remains the same. Even shifting the location of office from North to South or from West to East has become an effective strategy to cut staff! On top of this, the staffs are pushed to undertake all sorts of new courses/trainings to update their skills to remain in the market. I have seen a lot of staff in their 50s quitting jobs not able to keep up to the mounting pressure. Every day, you are supposed to learn a new skill which may not be possible for all. At the end of the day to pay the mortgages, pay for children's private school education, buy things at home or go for a long awaited holiday with the family, you succumb to the pressure and work hard almost 12 hours a day.

Otherwise the boss may not be happy and you may be in the hit list in the next staff cut strategy. Consequently you miss the quality time with family. If we do not spend quality time with the family, spouse and kids become unhappy leading to many sad outcomes. I think home based business is one way of earning income we can look into in future.

To build a reliable and long term home business, you need to do a lot of home work, work hard initially till you have a hang of it and set up for long term returns. In my experience affiliate marketing- advertising others products on your website or blog or word of mouth can be a good start. Some home business require small investments nd you can learn about different ways of online business in the process and may find something that suits your skills, interest and time commitment in future. The best way is to start a home based business as a part time job after gaining knowledge and collecting information about varieties of home based business.

Sugi Stanley, the author likes to share her life's experience with others and help them to make informed decisions and achieve success in their home based business. For more information visit

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